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Tesla (TSLA) spikes 4.5% on lithium supply deal

(Credit: Tesla)

Tesla (NASDAQ: TSLA) investors enjoyed a sizeable 4.5% gain during early trading hours on Monday morning, after the automaker and Piedmont Lithium announced a five-year supply deal for the material.

A press release from Piedmont indicated that about a third of its 160,000-tones-per-year spodumene concentrate produce would be supplied to Tesla, which will help the company’s in-house battery production project over the next few years.

“We are excited to be working with Tesla, which represents the start of the US domestic lithium supply chain and a disruption to the current value chain. The Agreement highlights the strategic importance of Piedmont’s unique American spodumene deposit and confirms the trend toward spodumene as the preferred feedstock for the lithium hydroxide required in high-nickel batteries,” Piedmont’s Keith Phillips said.

The announcement helped not only TSLA stock gain value, but Piedmont’s shares also surged 240% as of the time of writing.

TSLA stock has experienced a series of confusing weeks in terms of market value recently. At the tail end of August, the stock was skyrocketing to its highest price per share in its ten-year span as a publicly-traded company. After reaching $502.49, the stock slipped significantly just a week later on September 8th, as a massive sell-off of tech stocks caused a collapse in TSLA’s valuation. The company experienced its worst trading day in company history on September 9th, falling 21% during the session.

The stock recovered slightly over the following weeks, climbing back to around $450 a share on September 15th.

Many investors expected Tesla’s Battery Day event on September 22nd to assist the crawl back from the rough trading week. However, while the event excited Tesla fans and enthusiasts, many analysts simply did not understand the implications of the announcements that CEO Elon Musk and VP of Technology Drew Baglino made.

According to famed analyst Jim Cramer, Wall Street firms were upset that what they hyped wasn’t announced. Many companies expected Tesla to unveil a million-mile-capable battery cell. Still, the company announced a new, higher-powered, high-energy cell that is already being produced at a pilot facility near the Fremont production plant in Northern California.

Tesla debuts new 4680 battery cell: 500% more energy, 6X power, range increase

Additionally, Tesla announced the availability of its Plaid Model S Powertrain, which is the fastest variant of the car that the company has ever made.

Despite the rocky road Tesla has encountered over the last thirty trading sessions, the company’s stock is up nearly fivefold in 2020. The growth is mostly because of the company’s increased production rates, advancements in electric vehicle tech, and the growth of its international presence.

At the time of writing, TSLA shares were trading at $423.49, up $16.15 or 3.96%.

Disclaimer: Joey Klender is a TSLA shareholder.

Tesla (TSLA) spikes 4.5% on lithium supply deal
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