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Tesla (TSLA) bull looks to decade of ‘hyper growth,’ adjusts price target accordingly

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Tesla (NASDAQ: TSLA) bull Pierre Ferragu of New Street Research has been a long-time supporter of Elon Musk’s electric car company. A recent note from Ferragu, along with a newly adjusted price target of $578 from $400, indicated the analyst sees “a decade of hyper growth ahead.”

Ferragu also upgraded his rating on TSLA stock from “Neutral” to “Buy.”

Another interesting note about Ferragu’s newly adjusted price target is the analyst’s belief that Tesla has no genuine or “credible competition on the horizon.” This has been challenged by automakers like Lucid, who claim to match Tesla’s claim to performance, but Lucid has yet to begin production on an automobile.

Meanwhile, Tesla is coming off of its most successful quarter in company history with the recent release of its Q3 delivery and production numbers. It delivered 139,300 cars during the third quarter, beating Wall Street estimates of 136,000.

Ferragu states that Tesla has “an addressable market in excess of 20m units already.” The Model 3 is the company’s biggest seller and has been a main driver in its intrusion into other markets. “Model 3 has clearly demonstrated drivers ‘trade-up’ to the Tesla brand, with 2/3 of buyers trading in non-premium cars, which represents an additional 12m addressable market,” Ferragu writes.

Tesla has continued to show growth in a sector with little-to-no real players as far as other manufacturers. While the EV segment is still relatively small, accounting for between only 1 and 5 percent in various countries worldwide, Tesla has managed to grow the presence of electric cars on the road singlehandedly.

Thanks to dramatic increases in battery technology and price decreases, Tesla has emerged as the most dominant force in various automotive markets, regardless of powertrain. While the Model 3 has become the company’s highest-selling vehicle due to various affordable price points and efficient range ratings, the Model Y is beginning to broaden its reach. According to the EV Sales Blog, despite being released only since March 2020, the Model Y is a top 20 EV globally.

Competition is slowly and steadily falling behind due to their lagging in the EV sector. While working toward the goal of eventual electrification, many companies are still at least five years away from catching Tesla. “EV pure plays are flourishing and doing better, but won’t have any competitive advantage to beat Tesla,” Ferragu writes. “At best, they will follow suit the leading brand in its success, with less scale and less experience.”

Less experience has contributed to Volkswagen’s production bottlenecks with the ID.3. Software has been the main point of concern for the German automaker, and issues have plagued the ID.3 since its first production units.

At the time of writing, TSLA stock was trading at $435.36, up 2.37%.

Disclaimer: Joey Klender is a TSLA Shareholder.

Tesla (TSLA) bull looks to decade of ‘hyper growth,’ adjusts price target accordingly
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