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Tesla (TSLA) shares poised for a swing after Q1 earnings: Wall Street

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Tesla’s (NASDAQ:TSLA) Q1 2021 earnings call is just a few hours away. After releasing a stellar production and delivery report, Wall Street analysts have high expectations for the first-quarter earnings call. Yet, some analysts remain cautious.

Options pricing suggests that TSLA stock may fluctuate 7.2% in either direction, a significant movement considering Tesla shares have seen less drastic swings in recent months. Based on a Bloomberg report, Wall Street analysts still believe that Tesla’s market share may dwindle as more legacy automakers produce electric vehicles of their own.

“We acknowledge Tesla has shaken up the auto industry, but recent commitments and advancements from incumbent automakers such as Volkswagen and General Motors suggest to us that Tesla has achieved peak market share within the EV category,” wrote Cowen analyst Jeffrey Osborne in a note earlier this month.

Indeed, consumers looking to purchase an electric vehicle have many more options in 2021 than in the previous year. And this year has brought on some serious competitors for popular Tesla vehicles like the Model Y, including the Ford Mustang Mach-E and the Volkswagen ID.4. In the summer, Rivian will take the stage with its R1T electric pickup truck.

However, Wall Street does acknowledge that Tesla still has a significant edge over incoming competitors, especially in terms of technology, software, and brand awareness. There is no denying that Tesla’s technology and software are at a level of their own. Also, the Tesla brand may be the most associated with battery electric vehicles.

Morgan Stanley’s Adam Jonas doesn’t deny Tesla’s leading position in the burgeoning EV market. “Tesla sees itself as the apex player during the most formative phase of the industrialization of sustainable propulsion and transition off of fossil fuels,” Jonas wrote in a note last week.

In a previous note, Morgan Stanley recognized Tesla’s disproportionate advantage over legacy automakers, noting that “auto investors face greater risk NOT OWNING Tesla shares in their portfolio” than owning TSLA stock.

Adam Jonas believes Tesla’s immediate priority is to expand capacity and begin “industrializing the Tesla hegemony before the [EV] market gets even more crowded.”

Wall Street analysts will likely ask about Giga Texas and Giga Berlin at the upcoming earnings call to see if Tesla can increase its production capacity. And as always, the question of demand will probably also arise.

Analysts from Loup Ventures observed that Tesla experienced 109% growth in the first quarter and is now entering the slope of its S-Curve growth. In January, the venture capital firm predicted that Tesla’s demand would accelerate this year and that Gigafactory Texas and Giga Berlin would be critical to meet demand.

Disclaimer: I am long TSLA.

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Tesla (TSLA) shares poised for a swing after Q1 earnings: Wall Street
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