Rivian adopts touchless deliveries, 7-day, 1k-mile return policy for R1T and R1S

With customer deliveries of the R1T and the R1S poised to begin soon, Rivian seems hard at work to ensure that its first batch of EV buyers are provided with the best customer experience possible. The company’s efforts can be seen by its convenient, touchless delivery process and its generous return policy for the R1T and the R1S.

Rivian’s newly launched Experience Hub provides several critical aspects of the R1T and R1S ownership experience. With its touchless delivery option, Rivian can deliver an R1T or R1S directly to the customer’s homes, ensuring the safety of its customers–a key point considering the pandemic. A dedicated Rivian Guide will personally assist buyers throughout their entire purchase process. Rivian informed Teslarati that it has started contacting preorder holders about their delivery times and preparations for June.

“For owners in the United States and Canada, our focus will be delivering the R1T or R1S directly to your home for added convenience and comfort — you can ask a Rivian Delivery Specialist for a walkthrough of your new vehicle or explore on your own time through a guided digital orientation. We’ll share more about additional delivery options in your area as we approach production and start accepting orders in early 2021,” Rivian wrote.

Rivian also adopted a generous return policy for the R1T pickup truck and the R1S SUV. Based on the company’s official website, buyers of Rivian’s vehicles will have 7 days or 1,000 miles to return their vehicle in case they find that the R1T or R1S does not fit their needs. Customers who wish to return their vehicles are advised to reach out to their Rivian Guides to initiate the return process. For owners who want to repair their vehicles, Rivian has a mobile service.

(Credit: Rivian)

“If your vehicle does not meet your needs, you have 7 days or 1,000 miles to return it — whichever comes first. Certain terms and conditions will apply. Simply reach out to your Rivian Guide and start the return process,” Rivian wrote.

Apart from its touchless deliveries and return policy, Rivian has also launched its comprehensive insurance coverage, which is expected to launch in 40 US states and in every market where its vehicles are sold. Customers could receive a quote for their vehicle when they order the R1T or R1S online. Rivian Insurance is quite unique in the way that it covers products beyond the vehicle itself, such as off-roading equipment boats, campers, and dirt bikes.

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Rivian adopts touchless deliveries, 7-day, 1k-mile return policy for R1T and R1S
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