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BMW’s aggressive EV price cuts help surpass sales goal and expand outlook

BMW iX and i4, Credit: Fabian Kirchbauer Photography for BMW

BMW has announced that it is far ahead of its EV sales goals and plans to sell far more EVs this year than expected.

BMW has followed close behind its traditional competitor, Mercedes-Benz, in introducing a large number of electric vehicles. In western markets, BMW sells the BMW i7, i4, iX, and iX3, while also selling the i3 (sedan) in China. Thanks to this rapid introduction, the German automaker has revealed that it is significantly ahead of its EV sales goals.

During its earnings meeting today, BMW shared that it would expect 1 in 3 sales to be electric by 2026, coming closer to goals from competitors like Porsche, who expect 50% of sales to be electric by 2025. BMW’s new prediction is a sizable jump from 2022, in which 1:11 of the vehicles it sold were electric. This is not only due to continuing growth in demand for EVs but also because of the stabilization of the supply chain, says BMW.

BMW had more good news for investors, reporting that it would aim for a profit margin of 8-10% this year instead of the 7-9% previously expected, largely thanks to the aforementioned supply chain stability.

Surprisingly, BMW does not expect to achieve this heightened profit margin by increasing prices, noting that prices will likely remain stable this year. This probably stems from the price cuts it implemented following the initiation of a significant price cut from Tesla in key markets at the beginning of this year.

BMW also noted to investors that it remains dedicated to hydrogen fuel cell technology, which it has already tested on its new X5 testing platform. The brand reports that it achieved a range of just over 300 miles with the first iteration vehicle. It now expects to introduce a production hydrogen vehicle sometime in the coming decade.

The BMW brand isn’t the only one that has been growing its EV sales dramatically as part of the push from the German auto group. MINI and Rolls Royce, the other brands that make up the BMW Group, now plan to introduce more electric vehicles in the coming years. MINI most recently introduced the MINI Countryman EV and announced that it, along with the MINI Aceman and next-generation MINI Cooper EV, would hit showrooms in the coming years.

As for Rolls Royce, it has previously shared that the order books are already filled for the hotly demanded Rolls Royce Spectre, its first modern electric vehicle, and now plans for all future models to be 100% electric as well.

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BMW’s aggressive EV price cuts help surpass sales goal and expand outlook
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