Tesla looks to be moving toward V4 Supercharger in U.S.

Credit: cabbey | TMC Forums

Tesla looks to be moving toward the V4 Supercharger in the United States after several projects have appeared in the Western part of the country.

The V4 Supercharger is Tesla’s most robust EV charging pile to date, and has only been installed in several markets in Europe, and has yet to make its way to the United States despite the company’s overwhelming presence in America.

That seems to be coming to an end, however, as the automaker appears to be preparing for its first few V4 Supercharger projects in the United States.

The first project surfaced in Wilsonville, Oregon, and installations of the V4 have already started and are evident by the Supercharger’s unique design, which differs significantly from the V3.

First spotted by a member of the Tesla Motors Club forum and then shared on X, formerly known as Twitter, it appears the V4 Superchargers are the first in the United States, although it is not yet known whether they are in operation.

Credit: cabbey | TMC Forums

Tesla is not wasting any time getting their projects expanded, either. Evidenced by another X user who saw a series of V4 Supercharger piles in Sparks, Nevada, near the company’s Gigafactory, Tesla is pushing its first V4 installations close to home and on the West Coast.

Credit: @anaganicp | X

The V4 Supercharger from Tesla equips more power for the company’s upcoming increased voltage architecture that will enable faster charging times and longer cables for ease of access for EV owners who drive cars that are not Teslas.

Moving forward, we expect to see more V4 Supercharger installations, especially if it will benefit EV owners who are driving non-Teslas. With Tesla opening its Supercharger network to a number of OEMs starting in Spring 2024, the cable length alone will help enable an easier charging experience for everyone.

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Tesla looks to be moving toward V4 Supercharger in U.S.
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