Tesla Virtual Power Plant invites sent out to community housing tenants in Australia

Credit: Tesla UK/X

Unity Housing, one of South Australia’s largest community housing providers, has announced a partnership with Tesla that offers tenants access to the electric vehicle maker’s large-scale South Australia Virtual Power Plant (SAVPP). Overall, 1,750 community housing tenants are being invited to join the SAVPP. 

Tesla’s SAVPP, which currently stands as the largest virtual power plant in Australia, allows homes to generate and store their own renewable energy using Tesla-installed batteries and solar panels. Excess energy generated by participating homes is fed back into the grid, benefitting the environment and providing energy savings for participating households.

The collaboration between Unity Housing and Tesla marks the first time that the SAVPP has been extended to community housing tenants. Previously, the SAVPP was only available for public housing tenants

With Tesla’s collaboration with Unity Housing, even low to moderate income tenants in community housing projects could participate in the virtual power plant. Unity Housing CEO Matthew Woodward noted that this would be a game-changer for Australia’s community housing sector. He noted that batteries and solar panels would be installed by Tesla to the homes of eligible Unity Housing tenants at no cost. 

“Unity Housing tenants will be the first in the community housing sector to share the benefits of cheaper and renewable energy at scale by participating in this scheme at a time when household budgets are under increasing pressure from rising living costs. 

“That’s what makes this initiative so important—it provides people in greatest need with no-cost green energy infrastructure that will help manage the household budget, reducing stress and anxiety and improving health and wellbeing, while helping the environment. It’s a win, win, win,” Woodward noted. 

Joining the SAVPP program offers homeowners substantial cost savings. Unity Housing estimates that tenants who participate in the virtual power plant could see savings of up to AU$562 per year, as noted by Energy Source & Distribution News. So far, the initiative is seeing some early success. Over 250 Unity Housing tenants have registered for the SAVPP so far, and more than 150 are already enjoying lower electricity bills over the past three months thanks to their participation in the virtual power plant. 

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Tesla Virtual Power Plant invites sent out to community housing tenants in Australia
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