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Tesla, Ford, GM, and a “Made in America” EV ad that gets the message right with the wrong car

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United States President Joe Biden recently posted a new ad for the US government’s electric vehicle initiative and its efforts to promote cars that are made in the USA. It was a great ad, and it covered several pertinent programs of the current administration that would go a long way into ensuring that electric vehicles become mainstream in the near future. Ironically enough, the ad featured a vehicle that did not even make it to the Top 90 Most American cars in the United States. 

The US government’s ad featured EPA Chief Gina McCarthy and Energy Secretary Jennifer Granholm casually talking about the administration’s efforts to promote locally-made electric cars, including its initiative to establish a network of 500,000 EV chargers across the country. The EPA chief and Energy Secretary also spoke about the need to transition the transportation sector to electric cars considering the segment’s overall emissions. 

“Folks, I’m a car guy – and I firmly believe the future is electric. Gina McCarthy and Secretary Granholm hit the road to talk about the Bipartisan Infrastructure Framework’s historic investments in electric vehicles and how we’re going to ensure the future is made in America,” Biden wrote.

Interestingly enough, the video heavily featured a Chevy Bolt, a car that is, at least according to‘s American-Made Index, is not that American at all. The 2021 American-Made Index was published last month, and it featured the Tesla Model 3 and Model Y in its No.1 and No.3 spots. This meant that among the cars produced in the country, the all-electric sedan and its crossover sibling are as American as they come. 

Granted, the government’s new ad featured a Chevy Bolt that is part of the federal fleet, which could explain why the vehicle was chosen. However, the Chevy Bolt is hardly a good poster child for the US electric car revolution, considering that the vehicle has not necessarily been a best-seller in GM’s lineup. It’s a shame too, as the Bolt is a pretty solid car that sells for great prices in the second-hand market. 

Even if the US government were intentionally avoiding the use of a Tesla for one strange reason or another, other electric vehicles from American legacy automakers might have been a better choice for the recent ad. The Ford F-150 Lightning comes to mind, especially considering that US President Biden himself has driven the vehicle in the past. The Lightning is also a pickup truck, and it is built in the United States. Such a vehicle, with its newer specs and performance, would likely promote the government’s message better than the Bolt. 

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Tesla, Ford, GM, and a “Made in America” EV ad that gets the message right with the wrong car
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