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Biden takes the wheel of the electric Ford F-150 Lightning: “This sucker’s quick!”

(Credit: Doug Mills)

President Biden took a Ford F-150 Lightning out for a spin through an empty lot. The POTUS took charge of the wheel while Secret Service agents sat in the passenger seat.

President Biden seemed particularly impressed by the speed of the Ford F-150 Lightning. “This sucker’s quick,” he told reporters on site. “It feels great,” Biden noted, mentioning that the Ford F-150 could go from 0-60 mph in just 4.4 seconds.

The President can be seen gunning the electric Ford F-150 in a video posted by Mike Levine, Ford North America’s Product Communication Manager. “That’s a fast ass truck,” the POTUS said, according to Levine. Biden was likely impressed by the electric F-150’s instant torque.

Earlier today, the President spoke at Ford Motor Company’s Dearborn plant in Michigan and revealed more details about his plans to expand the EV sector in the United States. Biden urged automakers and other companies to keep investing in America during his speech at Ford’s Dearborn facility.

Biden plans to lead the United States’ EV transition with the federal government’s transition to a zero-emission fleet. To encourage automakers and other companies to invest in the US, Biden made a case for his $174 billion electric vehicle proposal.

“We need automakers and other companies to keep investing here in America and not take the benefits of our public investments and expand electric vehicles and battery manufacturing abroad,” the POTUS said at the Dearborn plant.

The majority of Biden’s $174 EV proposal will go towards consumer rebates to help boost US automakers. Consumer rebates for EVs will account for $100 billion of the $174B proposal. According to a White House fact sheet, Biden has ruled out consumer incentives for high-priced electric luxury models, which will likely encourage EV manufacturers to produce more affordable electric cars.

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Biden takes the wheel of the electric Ford F-150 Lightning: “This sucker’s quick!”
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