Tesla’s Jerome Guillen Spotted Vacationing During Leave of Absence

Jerome Guillen poses with Tesla owner at Mt Shasta Supercharger

Jerome Guillen, Tesla Motors vice president of worldwide service and deliveries, took an unexpected leave of absence from the company three weeks ago. The abrupt leave shocked many, especially as it comes during a crucial time ahead of the long-awaited Model X release.

So, where has Jerome gone to? The latest post from jay-bay of the Tesla Motors Club (TMC) forum captures a relaxed looking Jerome posing with jay-bay at the Mt. Shasta Supercharger, located 300 miles north of Tesla headquarters in Palo Alto, CA.

Jerome Guillen poses with Tesla owner at Mt Shasta Supercharger

Jerome Guillen poses with Tesla owner at Mt Shasta Supercharger, CA [Source: jay-bay via TMC]

jay-bay writes via TMC:

So was headed up to Seattle from the Bay area and stopped at the Mt. Shasta supercharger. After about 10 mins of charging a Signature Red Model S rolls up, but it had parking sensors, a MFG license plate and a CF spoiler and I was like, “Hmm….that seems odd.” Well it wasn’t that odd after I saw who got out of it, JEROME GUILLEN!! I went over and introduced myself and we talked about his car and how he designed the Model S and the history behind his car. Turned out that he was on a mini vaca and loves to hike Mt. Shasta. He said he was the one who actually got Tesla to install a Supercharger there. I asked him what it was like working with Elon and he said, “That is why I’m on vacation…” LOL! Awesome guy! Had a great visit and made my morning! Thanks Jerome for all you do for the Tesla community!!

Insiders close to the former Tesla executive suspect that Jerome’s sudden leave of absence may have been a result of being burnt out under the notoriously demanding work ethics of CEO Elon Musk. Reading between the lines of Jerome’s comment to jay-bay, one might assume those speculations may have some merit.

While others across the Tesla forum speculate that Jerome may have been forced out of the company.

Whatever the case may be, we’re just happy to see Jerome in such happy spirits in this latest capture!


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