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The Boring Company will add second tunneling machine “Line-storm” to its fleet

Elon Musk’s tunnel digging venture, The Boring Company, is about to a second tunneling machine to its operations. The sleepless serial entrepreneur revealed on Twitter late Wednesday that “Line-storm” will be joining the company and become sibling to “GoDot”, The Boring Company’s slower-than-a-snail first digger. While Musk didn’t provide any specifics on when the new boring machine will come online, one can expect it to be operational in no time especially if Musk’s history of near-immediate project-turnaround has taught us anything. 

True to The Boring Company’s focus to name its machines after plays and poems, Line-Storm honors Robert Frost’s early 20th-century poem “A Line-Storm Song”. The poem tells a story of a young man who’s love for someone is undeterred by a storm so severe that it leaves flowers too wet for bees to visit, and rains so strong that it leaves roses shattered, and birds songless. But through despair, the couple are still able to maintain a love and bond so strong that it overcomes all hardships.

It’s not clear what type of symbolism this has with The Boring Company, but one can argue that Musk won’t stop in the face of seemingly impossible odds to create a vast underground network of high speed tunnels.

The Boring Company recently obtained approval from the Hawthorne City Council to dig a 2-mile test tunnel beneath nearby SpaceX and Tesla’s Design Center. Musk jokingly said that he plans to fund this development by selling The Boring Company hats. “Gonna build that tunnel one hat at a time” said Musk in his tweet.


The Boring Company will add second tunneling machine “Line-storm” to its fleet
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