Elon and Tessie

Trapped kittens ‘Elon and Tessie’ rescued by Tampa Police

Credit: JenzFosterKittens

Elon and Tessie are two-month-old kittens that were rescued by Tampa police after being trapped inside a Tesla for at least two days in mid-July. Jen Tate shared the story of these two miracle fur babies on her Instagram, JenzFosterKittens. And it’s a miracle they survived.

Tesla Owner goes on a weekend trip and comes back to little mews

Credit: JenzFosterKittens/Instagram

The owner of a Tesla left for the weekend trip and came home to tiny mews coming from the car. He called the Tampa Police for help and two officers arrived. The officers worked for nearly an hour to free the kittens.

Jen said on Instagram that she was already aware of the situation since she had received a contact form about them.

She believed that the mother stashed them in the Tesla to keep them safe; unaware that the owner of the vehicle would be gone for the weekend. The kittens were trapped without food or water.

Elon and Tessie get rescued

Jen fosters kittens and cats and fortunately, had room for little Elon and Tessie since she had just adopted out a few kittens. She said that it took a couple of weeks to get the two kitties to eat again.

I believe too long with no nutrition plus just being at the transitional stage made it even more challenging. But fast forward 6 weeks and this precious pair of survivors are now ready for their together forever home!” she wrote.

Jen said that Little Elon is always looking out for his litter sister who happily accepts her brother’s love and protective nature.

If this sounds familiar, Maye Musk, mother of Tesla CEO Elon Musk, has often spoken of the love between her children. Tosca Musk recently spoke of how proud she was of her brother Elon’s accomplishments.

“Little Elon is the brave one of the pair and constantly looks out for his little sister, who happily accepts his brotherly love and protective nature. They are both super sweet once they know you are kind, and they have the loudest purrs! They love cuddle time, having their heads and bellies rubbed, and…FOOD! (Making up for lost time).”

Credit: JenzFosterKittens/Instagram

Jen Tate is the foster coordinator for St. Francis Rescue Tampa which is in need of donations to help care for rescues such as Elon and Tessie. For those interested in donating, $10 will feed a kitten for a month and $25 will vaccinate one animal. You can learn more here.

Cole and Marmelade have been keeping up with the kittens who still need a loving home. The two kitties have made another friend, Margot, and the hope is that someone will want to adopt all three.

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Trapped kittens ‘Elon and Tessie’ rescued by Tampa Police
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