A Twitter glitch has Elon Musk & many users liking their own tweets

A Twitter glitch has Elon Musk & many users liking their own tweets

Credit: Tesla

A Twitter glitch has Elon Musk and many users liking their own tweets, retweets, and replies. Many of Elon Musk’s followers, including myself, noticed something odd on Twitter. Elon Musk, it seemed, was going on a nonstop tweet-liking spree of all of his tweets. As someone who uses Twitter often, I thought it was odd that he was liking all of his own tweets–even old ones from 2011.

Then other users took notice of themselves ‘liking their own tweets.’ It’s even happening to my own Twitter account and Teslarati’s. And we are not alone. The glitch is affecting nearly all of Twitter’s users. The glitch is making users like their own tweets, replies, and retweets. The screenshot below is of Tesla’s account.



The strange glitch follows the recent reports of Twitter’s refusal to accept Elon Musk’s renewed $44 billion Twitter bid. According to The Associated Press, Elon Musk’s attorneys said that Twitter isn’t accepting the renewed $44 billion bid; adding that Elon Musk asked the Delaware court to halt the upcoming trial. This glitch isn’t the first one Twitter has ever encountered.

Elon Musk has called out Twitter before on its bot issues, which was the main reason he wanted to back out of purchasing the social media platform. In 2020, several high-profile users on Twitter including Elon Musk and President Obama were hacked in a public cyber attack promoting crypto scams.

Although this made the news, many accounts on Twitter, even verified ones, are often hacked to push out crypto scams. One verified user lost his verification status after taking measures to protect his account.

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A Twitter glitch has Elon Musk & many users liking their own tweets
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