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UAW rejects Big 3 contract offers, strike likely

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The United Auto Workers (UAW) union has rejected contract offers from the “Big 3” automakers of Michigan. The union, which represents 146,000 Ford, General Motors (GM), and Stellantis employees, is expected to strike against the companies if an agreement is not met before the Thursday night deadline.

UAW President Shawn Fain said on Friday that the union had denied an offer from the three automakers, though he still hopes to reach a deal to prevent a walkout, according to a report from Reuters. Contracts between Ford, GM, and Chrysler owner Stellantis have a deadline of Thursday night at 11:59 pm Eastern, and if a deal is not reached, UAW workers are expected to strike.

“We want a deal,” Fain said during the Facebook Live event on Friday. “We are ready for a deal. But it’s got to be a deal that honors our sacrifices and contributions. If we hit 11:59 p.m. on Thursday…there will be a strike at all three, if need be.”

As Reuters points out, some contract negotiations between the UAW and the three legacy automakers have gone past strike deadlines in the past.

The news comes alongside questions about how a strike of all three automakers could affect Tesla, amidst a major industry transition toward electric vehicles (EVs). Tesla is the dominant EV market share leader, and some think a major strike could benefit the non-unionized automaker.

Tesla could have union board ruling stating it violated worker’s rights overturned

However, the outlet also reports that recent talks have accelerated following a UAW filing dated August 31, soon after the union formally approved a strike. The filing alleges unfair labor practices and claims that GM and Stellantis have denied attempts to be kept to timely economic agreements.

In the Facebook video, you can also see a trash can pictured behind Fain saying “Big Three Proposals.” Fain emphasized the ground covered against the automakers in the speech, highlighting the fact that Ford had added a cost-of-living adjustment (COLA) formula to its offers, although he called it “deficient” and “deeply inadequate.”

“Suddenly, COLA is back on the table,” Fain said.

On Friday, Stellantis said it offered a 14.5-percent wage increase over four years, though it rejected demands for lump sum payments. Just a day before, GM offered a 10-percent wage increase for workers, alongside 3 percent annual lump sum payments over the four-year period.

Earlier last week, Ford offered a 9-percent wage hike in four years, with 6 percent lump sum payments, before boosting the offer to 10 percent on Friday.

The UAW is demanding a pay increase of 46 percent for workers over four years, an instant 20-percent boost to pay, clear restoration of traditional pension contracts, a 32-hour week, and the additional cost-of-living pay increases.

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UAW rejects Big 3 contract offers, strike likely
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