How to Use the Tesla Navigation Controls

We reviewed the Tesla Model S map and navigation displays in a previous write up so for this post we’ll focus more on the controls itself. Only those that elected to get the Technology Package (about 85% of owners) receive turn-by-turn navigation and controls.

Searching for a Destination

There are three separate methods for searching by destination or point of interest:

  1. Voice Search
  2. Typed search
  3. Pick from your Places

Tesla Navigation ControlsBefore you ignore the voice command search option, something I did when I first got my Model S, let me just say that the voice search on the Model S is the best I’ve experienced across any device. It’s got the power of Google’s voice recognition behind it and the full Google maps database so it’s incredibly good at understanding and finding what you’re looking for.

It’s so good that it’s even able to pick up complex names and places. Voice search not only saves time, but provides a much faster and safer execution than trying to type in the search terms while in the car.

To activate voice navigation, press and hold the voice command button on the top right of your steering wheel and ask “Navigate to” or “Where is” or “Drive to”, followed by your destination, and then release the button. A very common new owner mistake is to press and release the button before speaking. Don’t do that or else it won’t work.

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