[Video] How to charge your Tesla Model S using the J1772 adapter

The following video describes how to best use the Tesla Universal Mobile Connector (UMC) J1772 adapter when charging from a public Level II charger such as one from ChargePoint. We use Plugshare’s proximity-based EV charger locater directly from our Model S browser (

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Tips with using the Tesla UMC J1772 Adapter

  • Attach Tesla-J1772 adapter to the J1772 plug before inserting it into the Model S charge port.
  • Make sure the charge port is flashing green before walking away.
  • Do not detach just the J1772 plug from the adapter while plugged in. Be sure to remove the entire assembly (adapter + J1772 plug) when unplugging.
  • Be sure to unlock the charge port from the center touchscreen display before pulling out the charge plug.

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