Volkswagen ID.2 to rival Tesla’s expected $25,000 vehicle

(Credit: Volkswagen)

Volkswagen is preparing to enter the same segment as Tesla’s upcoming affordable car with the ID.2 electric vehicle. 

Sales of the all-electric Volkswagen ID.2 are expected to start in 2025. The VW ID.2 will use the German automaker’s upgraded MEB-Plus platform, an enhanced version of VW’s modular electric drive matrix featured in the ID.Family lineup. Volkswagen’s ID.2 will also be equipped with lithium iron phosphate prismatic battery cells for improved charging capabilities. The ID.2 design might be capable of charging speeds up to 200 kW. 

The Volkswagen ID.2 might be the electric equivalent of the German automaker’s popular compact five-seater, the VW Golf. 

The ID.2 is expected to be sold for a starting price of €22,500 ($23,938.69)—as of today’s exchange rate, potentially making it a formidable challenger against affordable EVs, including Tesla’s widely-speculated compact car, in Europe.

The Volkswagen Golf

The Golf hatchback was the best-selling vehicle in Europe for decades until recently. JATO—a company that analyzes the European car market and global trends—shared data that revealed the VW Golf’s declining sales trend. JATO’s recent data showed that car sales across all European Union member states dropped. In the UK, Norway, Switzerland, and Iceland, car sales fell by 4.1% to 11,309,310, the lowest since 1985. 

Revamping the Golf name and attaching it to an all-electric compact vehicle might be good for sales and popularity. Pricing the ID.2 a little shy of $24,000 is an even better move. At about $24,000, the Volkswagen ID.2 might compete in the same price range as Tesla’s upcoming affordable vehicle. 

Tesla’s Affordable Car

Speculations about Tesla’s affordable vehicle have been swirling around the rumor mill for quite some time. The company is expected to price the car at about $25,000, making it a really affordable electric vehicle by today’s standards. 

Tesla seems better positioned to start working on an affordable concept than a few years ago. For one, Semi production and deliveries have already started, and Cybertruck pre-production is expected to start later this year. Tesla still needs to work on the new Roadster design, but with the Semi and Cybertruck’s production underway, it will have more time to work on the next-generation vehicle. 

At the Q4 2022 earnings call earlier this year, Elon Musk hinted at some future products Tesla is currently working on. 

Giga Nevada’s upcoming expansion and additional 4680 battery assembly line also hint at Tesla’s plans for future car models. Musk and Tesla CFO Zachary Kirkhorn stated that only some 4680 cells manufactured in Giga Nevada would go to Semi vehicles. Musk hinted that some would be made for Tesla’s future products.  

Loup Ventures believes that Tesla will unveil a “Model 2” vehicle in 2024, bringing its sales schedule around the same time as the Volkswagen ID.2. The Wall Street firm believes that unveiling the affordable car too early might slow down Model 3 sales. Tesla is due to release a Model 3 revamp this year, codenamed “Project Highland.”

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Volkswagen ID.2 to rival Tesla’s expected $25,000 vehicle
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