Volkswagen shares plans for new EVs under €25K

(Credit: Volkswagen)

Volkswagen shared plans for a new lineup of battery electric vehicles (BEVs) under €25,000. The new VW EVs will adopt the “from Europe for Europe” motto. 

The German automaker’s new EV lineup is expected to be unveiled by the end of 2025. The collection includes two compact cars from the Volkswagen and Cupra brands and two small SUVS from VW and Skoda. All the vehicles will be produced in Spain. 

The four new EVs will lead to Volkswagen’s cheapest electric vehicle, which will cost around €20,000, making it the most affordable BEV under the brand. VW’s under-€20,000 EV will make its debut in 2027. 

The under-€20K BEV is designed for the European market as Asian automakers, like China, flood the market with cheap electric vehicles. Volkswagen’s 2027 BEV will most likely compete with the BYD Seagull from China

The BYD Seagull costs less than $10,000 in China and is expected to cost under €20,000 in Europe. The Chinese EV could help BYD dominate Europe. BYD aims to triple its European market by 2025, beating big names in the EU, including Volkswagen. 

In 2023, the European Commission launched an EU anti-subsidy probe on Chinese EV imports. The investigation is expected to end soon and result in higher tariffs on Chinese car imports. Some European automakers, including Renault, have spoken out against the “onslaught of electric vehicles coming from China.” 

Stellantis appears to have a hot-cold relationship with Chinese automakers in Europe. The automaker’s CEO didn’t seem to support Chinese EV manufacturers coming to Italy for production. At the same time, however, the Stellantis CEO criticized US President Biden’s high tariffs on Chinese imports. 

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Volkswagen shares plans for new EVs under €25K
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