Tesla Giga Berlin drawing new businesses to East Brandenburg

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Tesla Giga Berlin is drawing new businesses to East Brandenburg. Recently, a groundbreaking ceremony was held to celebrate the construction of a large warehouse to store lithium-ion batteries. 

The new warehouse will be a 100,000 square-meter hall located in East Brandenburg’s “Log Plaza” industrial and logistics center on the A12 near Frankfurt (Oder). The structure is estimated to be about the size of 14 football fields. 

Logistics company Alcaro will be building the large warehouse for lithium-ion batteries. Alcaro expects construction to be complete by the end of 2025. It already has a permit to store batteries in the hall.

“We are building this very expensive warehouse because we would like to store lithium-ion batteries and similar items for the automotive industry,” Anton Mertens of OSMAB told rbb24

“The automotive industry will change dramatically. We have learned that we all need to keep more stocks so that we can produce ‘just in time’ or at all, because delivery routes are getting longer and therefore more uncertain,” Mertens added. 

Tesla Giga Berlin’s presence in East Brandenburg has reportedly attracted many businesses and logistics companies, like Alcaro, to the region. Tesla is expanding Giga Berlin to increase the factory’s annual production capacity from 500,000 to 1 million units a year. 

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Tesla Giga Berlin drawing new businesses to East Brandenburg
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