BYD Seagull EV could help the Chinese automaker dominate Europe

(Credit: BYD/Weibo)

The BYD Seagull electric vehicle might help the Chinese automaker dominate Europe. 

Earlier this month, BYD Europe announced its intention to triple its European market by 2025. The Chinese automaker aims to beat big automakers in Europe, including Stellantis, Volkswagen, and Tesla. 

The company’s Seagull SUV is primed to help BYD reach its goal in Europe. The BYD Seagull has a starting price below $10,000 in China. The Chinese automaker plans to launch the Seagull in the European market with a similar price tag.

According to Bloomberg, the BYD Seagull EV is expected to start below $20,000 in Europe, even after tariffs are factored into the price. The all-electric hatchback’s price isn’t the only feature attractive about it. The BYD Seagull is well-designed inside and out. It includes premium features like a rotating touch screen and wireless phone charging, making it worth every penny or Euro. 

European automakers and auto companies importing their vehicles into Europe will have difficulty competing with the BYD Seagull’s price. 

“We are looking very closely at this model and others coming from Chinese EV makers. Of course, we are nervous when new competition is coming to the market,” said Ford Motor Company’s Martin Sander, who is in charg of European EV business. 

The European Commission is currently conducting an anti-subsidy probe into Chinese electric vehicle imports. When the investigation ends, the EU is expected to implement tariffs on Chinese EV imports, following the United States’ example. 

US President Biden launched 100% tariff increases on Chinese EV imports sold in the United States. Meanwhile, China is considering placing tariffs on foreign cars with large engines

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BYD Seagull EV could help the Chinese automaker dominate Europe
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