Why Women Should Drive Model S: Passion, Passengers and Purses


Previously, we took a nearly satirical look at 11 reasons a woman would want to drive a Model S. As a woman with over one blissful year of co-ownership with my better half, I wanted to dig deeper. I present to you: Passion, passengers and purses.

Passion – The Model S is sexy; no two ways about it! This car is a head-turner. It is sleek, sporty, smart and silent. It’s a Carrie and a Miranda. It’s also a Mindy, because the car is so smart and intuitive, it’s the PhD of the car world. It is smart enough to improve over time, even taking real life data to correct previous mistakes like slowing too abruptly while using Traffic Aware Cruise Control.

But passion is more than initial attraction.

The Model S has performance that is unlike anything you’ve ever experienced and that is what drives real passion. The high you get from stepping on that go pedal and feeling the car expertly and intensely leap forward can leave you breathless. You will outgun nearly any car on the road, merge onto a highway with ease and pass a large truck in an instant. You will do all this while gripping a steering wheel so luxurious in feel that it practically dares you to “Grab on, beautiful and see what my instant torque can do!”

Passengers – Who do you transport? Friends, parents, tiny humans? The rear seat is large and comfortable. Thanks to the lack of center floor bump from all those unnecessary mechanicals that a gasoline-powered car has, three adults can sit comfortably in the rear. As can three children. Or, in my case, two very tall friends and their little one in a car seat between them. Oh, and have I mentioned the optional third row? That little gem can accommodate two kids between the ages of 3-7 (size restrictions apply) without the use of a car seat. They have harness style seat belts and remind you of the old family station wagon. Except, better in every possible way.

If you’re like me, who rarely has passengers, the Tesla is a quiet escape. A friend to talk to. Think of a song that matches your mood or call up a dance party for one.

But most of all, Model S is a safe haven. Literally. The testing authorities have spoken and this car is an all around winner. As Elon Musk recently explained, safety isn’t really measured in stars (though this car ranks in fives), it’s measured by how likely you are to get injured in an accident. Whether you are driving solo, bringing that new baby home from the hospital, toting elderly parents or wrangling a whole carpool of other people’s kids, you can be assured that your precious cargo will be kept safe.


Purses – To me, purses are a necessary evil because two phones and a tube of Chapstick is too much to fit into my pockets. To some, they are a hobby, accessory, or diaper bag. Whatever your case, all but the largest purses will sit nicely in the center. No more wondering where to place it when you have a front passenger and no more watching it slide onto the floor, spilling contents, when the goofball driver in front of you stops too quickly.

Bonus: Environmental friendliness. Most of us have started to care more, in one way or another, about how our actions impact the environment. Be it recycling, installing LED bulbs at home or even making use of solar panels, there are things we can all do to make a smaller impact. Driving an electric car is one of the most enjoyable ways to further that mission.

Side Note: But Electric Jen, I “need” and SUV. No you don’t. With available dual motor all wheel drive your Model S will perform in the snow and ice just as well, if not better, than that SUV you think you need. Cargo space? The hatch plus frunk probably bests your SUV in cubic feet. Lot of passengers? The optional third row seat matches even the largest SUVs by seating 7. Visibility? I’m 5’1″ and can’t really see over the hood of my Genesis Coupe but in the Tesla, have a commanding seating position. Still not convinced? Go ahead and put in your reservation for the Model X but don’t say I didn’t warn you the wait for one will be torture.

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