Xpeng CEO admits they will pay attention to Tesla’s “Battery Day”

Credit: Xpeng Motors

Tesla’s Battery Day will have the attention of many electric vehicle enthusiasts on September 22nd when it unveils unknown details regarding its cell strategy. However, more than just fans of the biggest electric automaker in the world will be watching what Tesla does that day because the company’s competitors will also be watching closely.

Xpeng, a China-based car company, will be paying close attention to Tesla’s event, Vice Chairman and President Brian Gu said. Not only is Xpeng interested in Tesla’s possible unveiling of a million-mile battery pack, but it also could be looking to prepare for a partnership.

“We’re all waiting to see what Tesla is going to come out with in the battery,” Gu said to The First Trade. “So for us, obviously, we love to work with the best-in-class technology by the manufacturers. If there is a technology that provides safer, cost-efficient, and better cells, we would love to work with them.”

The anticipation behind Battery Day has been evident for members of the electric vehicle community, and Tesla supporters in general. CEO Elon Musk is expected to reveal Tesla’s battery strategy, and he could unveil some other surprises that would revolutionize the way the company utilizes cells to power its vehicles.

The developments could lead to more than just an advantage for Tesla in terms of technology and the price of its vehicles. If the company can manage to solve the riddle that is large-scale battery cell production, there is a possibility that Tesla could become a distributor or supplier of cells for other electric carmakers.

Xpeng sees this is an opportunity to work with the industry leader, which could revolutionize the way its products function. Gu, however, sees Battery Day as an opportunity to drive industry growth.

“I think we would look forward to seeing the rapid development which will drive the growth of the overall industry,” he said.

Battery Day’s anticipation has been a factor in Tesla’s stock surge over the past few months. Analysts who are responsible for breaking down the company’s potential in the future and placing price targets on the company’s stock note that Battery Day is a potential catalyst for more growth for Tesla.

Dan Ives of Wedbush stated in a note to investors that the anticipated releases at Battery Day “will be very advanced, potentially last for decades, withstand all types of weather/terrain, and be another major milestone for the Tesla ecosystem.”

But the longevity of the cell that Tesla could unveil will revolutionize the way the company operates as a whole. “In theory, this battery will support an electric vehicle for 1 million miles and be a major step forward when competing vs. traditional gasoline-powered automotive competitors from both an ROI and environmental perspective,” Ives said, according to Yahoo Finance.

Xpeng is officially a public stock as of Thursday, August 27th. The company’s IPO managed to raise $1.5 billion, and the company plans to unveil a third model, which will follow its already released P7 sedan and G3 SUV, in 2021.

Xpeng CEO admits they will pay attention to Tesla’s “Battery Day”
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