You know you’re a Tesla Model 3 fanatic when…

After so much waiting it is finally here – the week of the deliveries of the very first Tesla Model 3 vehicles! Whether you waited in line to plunk down a deposit on March 31, 2016 hours before a prototype was unveiled or recently got caught up in the madness, it’s hard to deny just how hooked some of us are on the Model 3. Pretty amazing for a car that isn’t technically for sale yet and that many of us will not see in this calendar year. Here’s how you know you’re a little bit of a fanatic:

You have waited what feels like forever for this final reveal, and now that it’s almost here can’t focus on anything else

You wake up knowing how many days are left until the 28th

You signed up for Twitter to notify you when Elon tweets

You signed up for Twitter, period

You have mentally designed your Model 3 many times, despite not actually knowing what options will be offered and how much they will cost

You have tried to figure out where you are on the waiting list and estimated when you will get your car

You’ve started a blog, podcast or YouTube channel

You have a Tesla related license plate on the gasoline powered car your Model 3 will be replacing

You’ve measured your garage, figured out placement of your charging set up, received an estimate from an electrician, or already installed it

You seek out and analyze even the smallest piece of “news” or speculation about Model 3

You’ve whipped out a spreadsheet to try to do math on: reservations, deliveries, number of options or some other aspect of the Model 3 because you’re desperate to know something; anything!


What else? Drop it in the comments!

You know you’re a Tesla Model 3 fanatic when…
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