Electric van maker Arrival receives desperately needed cash to stay afloat

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Arrival, an electric van manufacturer, has announced it received $300 million to help stay afloat as it works towards production.

Arrival, along with General Motors, Ford, Rivian, and Canoo, is attempting to cease the moment of high demand for electric vans. Thus far, the Ford E-Transit and Rivian electric delivery van remain the most popular, but Arrival is working to change that. But as the company has run into financial troubles, it has now received $300 million in funding to stay afloat, according to Reuters.

Arrival’s financial troubles became apparent last year when the company’s CEO announced it was unclear if the automaker had enough money to make it past the end of 2023. Hence, it announced a series of dramatic cost-cutting measures. Arrival has since cut its headcount significantly and increasingly focused itself on a single goal: the Arrival Van production.

The electric van that Arrival hopes to bring to market had its production debut in the second half of 2022 when the company made its first “production verification model.” Since then, the company has been preparing its “microfactory” for mass production.

Strangely, Arrival will not be using the $300 million acquired this week to fund this production but instead to help fund the continuation of the business overall as it searches for more capital. According to Reuters, the company will be meeting with shareholders in the near future to address a possible reverse stock split that would ensure it meets current NASDAQ listing requirements.

As per Arrival’s most recent financial reporting, the company had just over $205 million in cash and cash equivalents. The company aims to drop its losses to $35 million per quarter by the second half of this year.

While the electric van maker’s future seems particularly bleak, Arrival is not the only company that has faced bankruptcy. Canoo, perhaps the best success story in the industry, was looking at the end of its business at the end of 2022 but has since garnered thousands of orders and is now establishing multiple manufacturing centers in Oklahoma.

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Electric van maker Arrival receives desperately needed cash to stay afloat
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