[Video] Awesome LEGO Tesla Logo

Adrian Drake brought a giant LEGO Tesla logo to the 2015 Brickworld convention in Chicago in June. He used the logo from the Tesla website as his model.

Brickworld Chicago 2015 saw an awesome collection of LEGO art, from re-creations of Neil Armstong’s landing on the moon to giant time warp traveling spaceships. LEGO enthusiast Adrian Drake brought his enormous re-creation of the Tesla Motors logo, made from about a gazillion of the tiny plastic building blocks.

He began by copying the Tesla logo in .eps format from the company website and then expanded it to the largest size his plotter at work could print and used that as his template. What is really cool about Adrian’s LEGO Tesla logo is how it acts as a pendulum when he pushes it gently with light finger pressure. What keeps it from tumbling off its base and crashing into pieces is a bit of a mystery.

Next to the Tesla Motors logo is a Tesla SuperCharger made from another couple thousand LEGO blocks. No word on whether it has the new cooling vents around the bottom like the latest liquid cooled models.

LEGO sculptures are hugely popular and have become a form of folk art for many. If you are inclined to spend your summer making a Tesla Model S or even a Model X with  its falcon wing doors open from tiny plastic blocks, you have until September 19 to get it done. That’s when the next Brickworld show opens in Tampa.

[Video] Awesome LEGO Tesla Logo
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