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Base Tesla Model Y in China no longer offers free silver paint

(Credit: Tesla)

Tesla’s recent round of price increases in China also resulted in some changes to the Giga Shanghai-made Model Y’s free options. Among these was the welcome addition of Midnight Silver Metallic (or “Cold Light Silver” as listed on Tesla China’s website) as a free option in addition to Pure Black paint. 

Just days after the change, however, Tesla China has now withdrawn Midnight Silver Metallic’s designation as a free paint option. A look at Tesla China’s Model Y configurator now shows that the option, similar to White and Blue paint, costs an extra RMB 8,000. 

Tesla China formally announced the change in a post on its official Weibo account. “Thank you all for your enthusiasm. The Model Y rear-wheel drive version is no longer provided with cold light silver paint as standard. Please refer to the contract below for details,” Tesla wrote in its post. 

Interestingly enough, customers who wish to take advantage of China’s subsidies would have to opt-in for Black paint. Under China’s current policies, new energy vehicles like the Model Y would need to have a pre-subsidy price of less than RMB 300,000 to qualify for incentives. The base Model Y is currently priced at RMB 299,988 before subsidies. 

This means that if customers order a base Model Y with Midnight Silver Metallic paint, the pre-subsidy price of the vehicle would end up being RMB 8,000 higher, at RMB 307,988, according to a CNEV Post report. This is already higher than the national EV subsidy’s threshold. With this in mind, it would not be surprising if Giga Shanghai ends up producing mass numbers of Black Model Y RWDs in the coming months. 

Tesla’s price cuts appear to have boosted interest in the company’s vehicles. Citing a Tesla salesperson in a Beijing store, China Entrepreneur noted that there had been a lot of inquiries and purchases in the past few days. The Tesla salesperson also noted that she had to work overtime until 2 a.m. on October 24 simply because of the volume of orders coming in online and offline. 

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Base Tesla Model Y in China no longer offers free silver paint
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