Cadillac Escalade IQ teasers released ahead of Aug. 9 debut

(Credit: Cadillac)

General Motors (GM) luxury brand released Cadillac Escalade IQ teaser ahead of the electric vehicle’s debut on August 9, 2023. 

Cadillac released a preview video of the all-electric Escalade IQ, showcasing the battery-electric vehicle (BEV) with the brand’s iconic nameplate. The brief teaser video was reminiscent of the Tesla Cybertruck’s teaser before its unveiling event. At the time, Tesla showcased the Cybertruck’s unique headlights, providing a glimpse of the all-electric pickup truck’s face. Leading up to the Cybertruck’s unveiling, Tesla continued to roll out teasers that offered little information but enough details to maintain people’s interest in the truck. 

The Cadillac Escalade IQ will join the brand’s two SUV EVs, the Celestiq and the Lyriq. The luxury automaker has not announced any other details about the Escalade IQ. However, it might use the same batteries as the Cadillac Celestiq and Lyriq. The Escalade IQ might use General Motors’ Ultium battery cells and packs. 

In 2020, General Motors revealed its new Ultium batteries and flexible global platform, designed to expand the brand’s EV portfolio. The new Ultium batteries were large-format, pouch-style cells stacked vertically or horizontally inside a battery pack. GM estimated that the new Ultium energy options would range from 50 to 200 kWh for a range of up to 400 miles or more on a full charge. 

Three years ago, GM noted that Ultium-powered EVs were designed for Level 2 and DC fast charging. Most EVs with Ultium cells were expected to have 400-volt battery packs with up to 200 kW fast-charging capability. GM’s truck platform, however, is expected to have 800-volt battery packs and 350 kW fast-charging capability. 

The information GM released in 2020 might have changed over the years, especially now, considering that the legacy automaker announced it would be adopting Tesla’s North American Charging Standard (NACS) in future EVs. It would be interesting to see if the Cadillac Escalade IQ features a Tesla NACS charging port.

Watch the Cadillac Escalade IQ teaser below!

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Cadillac Escalade IQ teasers released ahead of Aug. 9 debut
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