Jeep Avenger EV wins Residual Value award in Europe

The Jeep Avenger recently won Autovista Group’s Residual Value award in the small battery-electric vehicle (BEV) category. The award celebrated value retention, a topic of interest for business and fleet operators.

Autovista Group’s small BEV category shortlist contained 26 vehicles, all popular in at least one of the 17 European countries the organization analyzed for the award. The Group examined all body types in the A and B-segment for the competition, so SUVs competed with small hatchbacks. 

The Jeep Avenger is estimated to have up to 400 km (248 miles) of range based on the WLTP standard. During city driving, its range increases up to 550 km (341 miles). The Avenger’s all-electric SUV version has fast-charging capabilities with a battery pack that can charge from 20% to 80% in 24 minutes. 

Judges concluded that the Jeep Avenger delivered the best performance in its category. In a previous review of the Jeep Avenger, Autovista Group claimed the vehicle was a modern Jeep for the modern driver. 

The Avenger may not perform as well off-road against its Jeep siblings, but the Group determined it is still likely to adapt to different terrains better than other B-SUV counterparts. The Group pointed out that the brand did an excellent job of balancing the features traditional Jeep drivers loved in a design that would be popular among mass-market customers.

“We are very excited about the Small BEV category, as over the last decade, there has been an increasing number of heavy, large, and expensive all-electric models,’ said Dr. Christof Engelskirchen, chief economist at Autovista Group. This comes at a time when mass-market adoption is the real challenge the technology is facing. The choice of small BEVs remains limited within used-car markets, but there have been more new launches recently.”

Electric vehicle manufacturers like Tesla, Volkswagen, and Volvo announced the development of small affordable vehicles, hinting at a new trend in the EV market. 

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Jeep Avenger EV wins Residual Value award in Europe
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