ChargePoint begins preparing for the Tesla NACS takeover

Credit: ChargePoint

ChargePoint has started preparing for the takeover of Tesla’s North American Charging Connector (NACS) by ramping up the production of its chargers that are compatible with the inlet.

As more automakers prepare to adopt the NACS connector as soon as Spring 2024, ChargePoint is preparing for not only them but also for Tesla drivers to have more availability as congestion at Superchargers is expected.

ChargePoint announces availability of Tesla NACS at charging stations

ChargePoint announced today that it is now rolling out NACS connector support for its chargers, and “much of the lineup” will be delivered “over the coming month,” it said.

Cable conversion kits for existing ChargePoint DV fast chargers will be delivered to customers as soon as November, giving Tesla drivers a public fast charging option that is not a Supercharger for the first time.

Tesla drivers have used ChargePoint stalls on more than 35 million occasions, CEO Pasquale Romano said. “Our support for both installed and new products opens up ChargePoint’s DC chargers to millions of drivers who have not yet had a fast charging alternative to the Tesla ecosystem, and makes their AC charging experience more convenient.”

Tesla announced earlier this year that it would start offering NACS support to legacy automakers like Ford and General Motors. Over the past few months, numerous companies have joined the NACS “coalition,” as Tesla CEO Elon Musk coined it.

BMW, along with subsidiaries Mini and Rolls-Royce, is the latest and committed to the NACS connector earlier this week.

ChargePoint is preparing for an influx of NACS-enabled vehicles by working to bolster a seamless charging experience for drivers of all EVs. It is the first company in the charging industry to ship a native DC connector compatible with Tesla vehicles, a company with its own charging inlet.

ChargePoint now offers every necessary cable solution in both North America and Europe, enabling stress-free charging for every EV driver in those regions.

For the first few years of Ford and GM’s commitment to NACS, the automakers will deliver vehicles with an NACS adapter enabling charging at CCS, J1772, and NACS connectors. However, both companies will eventually install NACS inlets on their vehicles, eliminating the need for an adapter to plug in at Tesla Superchargers.

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ChargePoint begins preparing for the Tesla NACS takeover
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