ChargePoint announces availability of Tesla NACS at charging stations

(Credit: Chargepoint)

ChargePoint Holdings Inc. announced the availability of Tesla’s North American Charging Standard (NACS) connectors in new orders and currently installed CP6000, Express 250, and Express Plus customers. 

ChargePoint will add the Tesla NACS connector to its charging stalls alongside J1772 and Combined Charging System (CCS) solutions. 

“ChargePoint’s 15-year history as a leader in the EV revolution has prepared us for evolving market dynamics, as well as enabled us to predict customer and driver needs. 

“Our highly modular charging platforms, combined with our new NACS connector options, allow customers to be confident that their investment in EV charging is successful for any connector scenario. We remain committed to developing networked charging solutions that ensure any EV can charge in any parking space,” said Bill Loewenthal, Chief Product Officer at ChargePoint.

The EV charging provider claims that its DC line of products, including the Express 250 and the Express Plus, along with its AC lineup, like the CPF50 or Home Flex, can be sold or reconfigured with a Tesla NACS connector in late 2023. ChargePoint’s CP600, a new commercial and light fleets product, will be sold or reconfigured with the Tesla NACS option by early 2024. The company will also include Tesla NACS charging points in its app’s location filters. 

At the end of its announcement, ChargePoint stated that adding Tesla NACS connector options to its product lineup now benefits customers. It would make the integration seamless once NACS-equipped EVs enter the U.S. market in 2025. The little snippet at the end hints that electric vehicles compatible with Tesla NACS will be coming out in at least two years. 

Ford’s announcement about adopting Tesla NACS has led other big names in the auto industry to do the same, like General Motors, Volvo, and Rivian. Now the public is wondering when NACS-compatible EVs will launch in the U.S. market. Recently Chevrolet announced that the Silverado EV would not be Tesla-compatible until model year 2025. 

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ChargePoint announces availability of Tesla NACS at charging stations
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