Watch as duo slices open Tesla Model S battery cell to see what’s inside [Video]

YouTube channel What’s Inside purchased a Tesla Model S battery module and completely destroyed it to … well, take a look at what’s inside.

The father-son duo ordered a Tesla battery module off of eBay for the test which included a puncture test by arrow, an throw-off-the-roof test, and an over-the-top ax-a-battery-cell-in-half test. The lithium ion cells in the battery module are the popular 18650 cells used by Tesla since the original Roadster and in today’s Model S and Model X  vehicles.

What’s Inside put the batteries to the test, initially expecting the battery to catch fire or blow up. After puncturing the battery module by shooting an arrow into it, they decided to throw the module off the roof. The battery module began “sizzling” after being thrown off the roof, before separating and exposing the cooling infrastructure of the battery after a second toss.

However, both tests proved to be uneventful as no fires or explosions happened. The duo then took it to the next level by slicing in half an individual 18650 battery cell using an ax.

Tesla 18650 lithium ion cell cut in half by an ax. Photo: What’s Inside

What’s Inside noted that Tesla’s battery cooling system is “weaved” throughout the module, allowing it to cool each cell individually. Each module also has it’s own computer system to measure cell-level energy levels and temperatures. After they sliced open an 18650 cell, battery acid began bubbling and spilling from the cell. While they were expecting the cells to catch fire or explode, we are happy to see that Tesla’s cells stood up to the brutal tests.

Watch the full video here:

Watch as duo slices open Tesla Model S battery cell to see what’s inside [Video]
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