Elon Musk takes a stand for making child care more accessible

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Elon Musk is taking a stand in favor of making child care more accessible. Earlier today he tweeted that he’s planning to increase childcare benefits in his companies. He also said that the Musk Foundation will help families directly. In another tweet, he replied to Sara Mauskopf, the CEO and co-founder of Winnie.

Winnie focuses on helping parents to find local daycares and preschools while also providing details on these schools such as photos, detailed descriptions of the programs, and tuition information.


Sara Mauskopf’s thread started with an article by CNN that covered the surging child care costs that are forcing providers to raise their prices. As she continued her thread, Sara Mauskopf pointed out that there is record low labor force participation among women with young children who don’t have a college degree. She continued.

“So this is further exacerbating the problem because many of these women who would be taking jobs in the care economy are not participating in the labor market – hence why hiring is such a challenge right now for child care providers.”

She added a quote from a New York Times article, that highlighted the issue of a shortage of childcare and elder services that are preventing workers, especially women, from being able to work.

“For women, that’s the double whammy — most of those workers are women, and most of the people who need those supports to enter the workforce themselves are women.”

She added that within the next ten months, we will start seeing the impact of abortion bans on the strained child care system.

“Remember that we have no federal paid leave so as soon as these babies are born, we’ll have 📈 parents who need child care they can’t afford.”

She then added that Elon Musk spoke about population collapse.

“I believe that if we want to encourage big families, we have to make child care more accessible. Elon, I’d love to talk more about how we make this a reality.”

To this, Elon Musk replied, Agreed, this needs to be addressed.”



Addressing The Elephant Head On

One common criticism of Elon Musk’s stance on population is that people can’t afford to have kids. I’ve seen it, heard it, and I also agree with that–somewhat. I have spoken about my own thoughts and experience on this matter already. Several of my friends who do have children have highlighted this problem. Single parents have it more intensely than those who have a partner. This is why childcare services are so important.

Vox shared an interesting article as to why many in America don’t want to have kids in 2022. The infant formula shortage, the high cost of providing nutritious food, and taking care of the child are challenging problems. Especially for single parents with little or no support system. The US doesn’t have paid parental leave and the article noted that child care costs more than college in many states–if the parent can find a provider.

If we want women to work, we have to have a support system in place for their children. The article listed other problems such as school shootings, and the U.S. being ranked worst for maternal mortality in a group of 10 similarly wealthy countries. You can read the full article in Vox here.

Elon Musk Using His Influence To Address Some Of These Problems

Seeing Elon Musk use his influence on Twitter to address some of these problems today was refreshing. He is definitely worried about the population decline. And he advocates for having more children. It’s good to see him want to take on the problems that many Americans, especially single parents, have.

This is important and I think some good will come from this.

Elon Musk takes a stand for making child care more accessible
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