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Elon Musk sets the record straight: Does he think he’s above the law?

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Critics and skeptics of Elon Musk have a long list of complaints about the SpaceX and Tesla CEO. His tweets are almost always off the cuff, his ideas are polarizing, he’s unabashedly honest, and his opinions about specific topics are extremely strong. He even feuds openly with agencies like the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC). 

This has caused critics to accuse Musk of thinking he is above the law. Amidst his increasing net worth, which has pushed him to the top of the world’s list of wealthiest individuals, Musk has been an open target for many. This argument is especially prevalent among the most ardent skeptics of Tesla and SpaceX, many of whom have accused the CEO of being a charlatan for years. 

Elon Musk actually addressed this idea during his interview with the Financial Times. During his conversation with the publication, Musk was asked about his tendency to push his employees hard — so much so that he has been accused of being a bully in the workplace. 

Musk responded by stating that if his employees are unhappy working for him, they could easily go elsewhere. “They’re not chained to the company. It’s voluntary,” Musk said. 

More importantly, Musk was also asked if he thinks he is above the law. The CEO’s response was direct. The idea that he believes he’s above the law is utter nonsense. “I’m subject to literally a million laws and regulations, and I obey almost 99.99% of them. It’s only when I think the law is contrary to the interest of the people that I have an issue,” Musk said. 

Musk has a pretty good point. A lot of the accusations that have been thrown at the CEO could be easily debunked. This became pretty evident last year when critics continued to insist on the narrative that Musk does not pay taxes, despite the CEO paying one of the single largest tax payments in United States history in 2021, equivalent to about $1.5 million for every day he’s spent in the country as a US citizen. Musk’s willingness to follow the law could also be seen in his past comments when he noted that he has “great respect for the justice system.”

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Elon Musk sets the record straight: Does he think he’s above the law?
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