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Renault to expand EV charging along major European roadways

Credit: Mobilize

Renault is looking to expand electric vehicle charging along major European roadways by installing 200 new EV charging points across the continent.

Renault’s e-mobility unit, known as Mobilize, is partnering with the manufacturer’s dealerships to install 200 EV charging points by mid-2024, including 90 chargers in the company’s home country of France. Referred to as “Mobilize Fast Charge” stations, Mobilize said it would install 90 stations — one every 150 kilometers (93.2 miles) — on France’s truck roads.

To further ensure proper placement of the charging stations, Mobilize Power Solutions conducted preliminary studies to identify the best-suited places for new EV charging points.

Drivers will have access to the chargers 24 hours a day, seven days a week, with each new location offering at least six ultra-fast charging points capable of offering 400 kW. This would make the Renault-Mobility stations the most powerful in Europe.

Mobilize CEO Clotilde Delbos commented on the announcement:

“One of Mobilize’s objectives is to make mobility cleaner and more accessible. Mobilize Fast Charge is helping by providing all-electric vehicle drivers with access to ultrafast charging points, whatever brand they drive. To make this happen, Mobilize is leveraging two of Renault Group’s strengths: its granular sales network and Mobilize Power Solutions’ expertise.”

Focusing on the Experience

The EV charging process is vastly different from visiting a gas station, so the experience is a crucial part of owning an electric car. Manufacturers have attempted to install charging points and stations at locations with entertainment options, just as companies have offered in-car entertainment to help the time pass while your EV is charging.


Credit: Mobilize

Renault said it would add a Rest and Service area at the Mobilize Fast Charge stations for a comfortable place to relax outside of the vehicle while it charges:

“While charging their electric vehicle, drivers will be welcome to use a quiet and comfortable rest area where they can enjoy a coffee or snack, use the Wi-Fi connection, charge their phone or laptop, or even play a videogame before continuing their journey.”

Mobilize recharge cardholders will also enjoy preferential rates to help lower charging costs, the company said.

Grid Relief

Mobilize Fast Charge stations will rely on a “smart energy management system” combined with stationary storage capacity to relieve stress on the grid. The system will deliver a full 600 kW of power, even when multiple electric vehicles are charging.

European Charging Infrastructure

Currently, there are 150,000 EV charging points in Europe, according to EVExpert.euThe Netherlands has the most, with Germany and France following behind in second and third. There are major plans for the expansion of the European EV charging network, as the continent plans to have 2.8 million charging points by 2030.

Europe has been one of the biggest adopters of EVs, right behind China’s automotive market, which is in a league of its own in terms of size. Europe sold 5.6 million plug-in EVs and light commercial vehicles last year, the ACEA said.

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Renault to expand EV charging along major European roadways
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