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Elon Musk extends gratitude to the Tesla faithful

Elon Musk custom Tesla-branded Nike shoes (Credit: DMCustomSneakers via Instagram)

CEO Elon Musk passed along words of gratitude to “everyone who worked so hard to make Tesla successful,” after arguably the most difficult year in recent memory.

In a year that has been detrimental to many businesses and entities due to the COVID-19 pandemic, Tesla has been one of the few companies that has been able to maintain growth. The company has experienced growth in production and sales figures, and most evidently, on Wall Street.

“Thanks to everyone who worked so hard to make Tesla successful,” Musk tweeted. “My heart goes out to you.”

Tesla’s overwhelming domination of the EV sector has been culminated through long hours of hard work by company employees who have had to roll with the punches through various hardships that have confronted the automaker. From the 2008 Roadster issues to the 2017 “production hell” Model 3, to the 2020 shutdown of its production plants amid the pandemic, Tesla has defied the odds on numerous occasions.

Outside of the company’s employees, Tesla’s success can be attributed to its uber-loyal group of supporters, who have spread the message about Elon Musk’s Master Plan, which has started to take effect and has spread across the world within the last few years.

Tesla is far from what the ultimate goal is, which will transition the world’s vehicles to sustainable energy. However, there is plenty to be proud of and to be thankful for, and Tesla’s surge into superstardom has been made possible by the hard work, dedication, and obsession that the company’s employees and fans have displayed for over a decade.

There is an overwhelming sense of transition in the automotive community, and it can mainly be attributed to Tesla’s ability to constantly reinvent the wheel. While many manufacturers are striving to start building electric powertrains on their own, many realize that Tesla has an overwhelming advantage in the sector. This comes from what Elon Musk commended the Tesla faithful for this morning: hard work, diligence, and a “never give up” attitude.

Elon Musk extends gratitude to the Tesla faithful
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