Veteran trucker debunks Tesla Cybertruck styling complaints

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Just recently, the Tesla Cybertruck received some strong criticism from legendary automotive designer Frank Stephenson, the man behind some of the most iconic cars from Ferrari, Mini, and McLaren. In a YouTube video, the designer, who was named by MotorTrend as one of the most influential car designers today, lamented about the Cybertruck’s stark exterior and cold, angular frame. 

Stephenson outlined several arguments in his video, though he largely focused his criticism on the fact that the Cybertruck does not have dynamic lines that make the vehicle conventionally attractive. While these concerns have some merit (there is little doubt that the Cybertruck is hardly the friendliest-looking vehicle out there), it is these very elements that make Elon Musk’s all-electric pickup perfect for real truckers. 

YouTube host Cybertruck Truck Guy, a veteran of the landscaping business who has been driving trucks for decades, believes in the opposite. The YouTube host, who started his channel to provide insights on the Cybertruck from a true “Truck Guy’s” perspective, currently helps manage a company with a fleet of almost 20 trucks. According to the trucker, the Cybertruck’s cold, durable, apocalyptic theme is actually the very thing that makes the all-electric pickup more attractive for those who use trucks on a daily basis. 

Never mind that the Cybertruck looks like it’s made for a dystopian future. According to the trucker, the best trucks in the market are not supposed to look dainty and sleek. They’re supposed to look tough and beastly, even masculine to a point. Trucks must be tough, and their size and appearance must exude this. The Cybertruck plays this part perfectly well. It even has the advantage of durability, as modern trucks today have become so close to luxury vehicles that some of them get damaged or scruffed quite easily. These include his current truck, a Toyota Tacoma that has been beaten over its years of service and the occasional off-road session. 

During his critique, Stephenson remarked that the Cybertruck will likely age just as badly as a PlayStation 1 game. The designer noted that just like PS1 games that seemed revolutionary before but painfully dated today, the Cybertruck would look extremely old in the future. The veteran trucker challenged this, stating that when it comes to games, it’s not really the age or graphics that matter the most—it’s playability. This is one of the reasons why classics such as Doom and Among Us are still fun to play today. 

The same will likely be true with regards to the Cybertruck. Yes, more traditional-looking pickups will be made by rivals. The Hummer EV is already one of them. Yet, the Cybertruck just needs to work to be fully successful. And considering its design and functions, the Cybertruck does seem capable of doing some real work for truckers, and perhaps even more. 

Watch the Cybertruck Truck Guy’s response to criticisms of Elon Musk’s all-electric pickup in the video below. 

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Veteran trucker debunks Tesla Cybertruck styling complaints
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