The Boring Company ramps vehicle testing for LVCC Loop [video]

(Credit: TOSHIK_13/Reddit)

Elon Musk’s Boring Company appears to be ramping vehicle testing at one of the stations for the Las Vegas Convention Center (LVCC) Loop. The Boring Company (TBC) seems to be adamantly preparing to start transporting people around Sin City’s Convention Center complex by February 2021. 

A video of Boring Company’s vehicle testing in the LVCC Loop simulates how the people mover will function once it’s operational. It gives onlookers an idea about how people will get in and out of Tesla cars from both sides of the vehicles.  

Based on images and a video of LVCC Loop’s station 3, there were at least 10 Tesla vehicles navigating the tunneling system and testing it out.

(Credit: Cunninghams_right/Reddit)

The Boring Company, its LVCC Loop, and the Vegas Loop have received tremendous support from the city. Just last week, the Las Vegas Convention and Visitors Authority (LVCVA) board agreed to pay The Boring Company up to $6.5 million to operate and manage the LVCC Loop from February 1, 2021 to June 30, 2022.

TBC will not charge fares for rides on the LVCC Loop. The LVCVA plans to generate income for the tunnels at the Las Vegas Convention Center through advertisements, sponsorships and facility rentals. 

Musk’s tunneling company will also be working on another project in Sin City called the Vegas Loop, which received unanimous approval by the Las Vegas City Council last month. The Vegas Loop will reach further into the city, transporting people to various entertainment and leisure destinations. TBC received permission to extend the Vegas Loop to the city’s Resort Corridor recently. 

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Check out a short clip of The Boring Company’s test run below.

The Boring Company ramps vehicle testing for LVCC Loop [video]
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