Elon Musk sees path to Twitter exceeding 1 billion monthly users in less than 2 years

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Those who are eagerly waiting for Twitter to crash and burn under Elon Musk’s leadership might end up waiting for a very long time. In fact, critics could end up waiting indefinitely, because if Elon Musk’s recent posts are any indication, Twitter could end up becoming one of the dominant forces in social media in less than two years, with over a billion monthly users. 

The Tesla CEO shared some slides from a Twitter company talk recently, and they showed that the social media platform is improving. Musk’s slides showed that new user signups are at an all-time high, and the same was true for user active minutes. What’s more, hate speech impressions have gotten lower, and reported impersonation has seemingly stopped after a couple of notable spikes. Twitter’s mDAU also passed the quarter-billion mark.

Musk also shared some ideas for “Twitter 2.0,” which would become “the everything app.” Some new features of the new Twitter were shared by the CEO, from interactive advertisements that could be entertaining to users, videos, encrypted DMs, longform tweets, and a relaunched version of Twitter Blue Verified. Musk also included payments in his Twitter 2.0 slides, though there were no images or teasers posted for the service. 

Considering how divisive Twitter’s user base is, conservative author Dr. Jordan B. Peterson commented that the stats are “what failure looks like to the left.” Musk did not directly respond to the conservative, nor did he openly agree with Petersen’s statement, but he did post a notable prediction. According to Musk, he actually sees a path to Twitter gaining over a billion monthly users in 12-18 months. That would put the platform within striking distance of WeChat, which has 1.24 billion monthly users, and right in line with TikTok, which has 1 billion monthly active users

Twitter, of course, is very far from this goal, though a set of compelling new features and a more stable platform would likely help encourage more users to sign up. The addition of useful features in Twitter Blue that would justify its $8 monthly price even to regular consumers would also help a lot. Musk is a hard worker, too, and he has some experience turning struggling companies around. 

That being said, Elon Musk is notorious for being very optimistic with his timeframes. Thus, if he expects Twitter to hit over 1 billion monthly users in 12-18 months, it would not be a surprise if it takes significantly longer than that — but it will happen. There’s a really good chance that it will take longer than 18 months, but Twitter will probably indeed exceed a billion monthly users under Musk’s leadership. 

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Elon Musk sees path to Twitter exceeding 1 billion monthly users in less than 2 years
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