Europe expected to sell one million electric vehicles next year

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A new report from Transport & Environment has estimated that one million electric vehicles are to be sold next year in Europe. Car manufacturers are ramping up efforts to sell EVs as the European Union’s goal of reducing CO2 emissions by the year 2021 is only halfway complete. The goal has been set into place since 2009.

“The climate emergency requires selling the last combustion engine car by the early 2030s, so governments need to focus on accelerating the switch to cleaner cars beyond what is required by the car CO2 law,” said Julia Poliscanova, director of clean vehicles at T&E. “Their focus should now be on rapidly electrifying company car and taxi fleets, tax schemes that reward buying zero-emission cars and penalizing those choosing gas guzzlers, and facilitating the roll-out of charging points at home, at work, and along motorways.”

T&E estimates that EV sales in 2020 will be around 5% of total vehicles sold, and they expect that number to double to 10% in 2021 depending on what tactics carmakers use in order to push EVs onto consumers. The report showed that manufacturers are preparing to offer more fuel-efficient, environmentally-friendly, affordable cars in order to reach Europe’s Car CO2 law goal.

Tesla has quickly become one of the most popular vehicles in all of Europe. Anticipating on helping the EU CO2 goal, Tesla announced on its official Twitter account on September 9 that its vehicles would be available for order in Iceland. The Silicon Valley-based company is ramping up its presence in Europe with the Model 3, and it has worked well. The Model 3 was recently named as the third best selling car in all of the UK. In Germany, Model 3 has pushed Tesla sales to over 400%.

Research has shown that the cause for rising CO2 levels comes from Europe’s thirst for SUVs. Since 2013, the surge in SUV sales has resulted in a 10-times increase in emissions. SUV manufacturers delayed their investments into researching clean-technology vehicles in order to increase sales of vehicles that are not environmentally-friendly. It is estimated that 44% of gases that are released into the air from European transport methods are coming from vehicles, and that number is steadily rising because of the tactics carmakers use to push gas and diesel cars.

New data from IHS Markit suggests that the tide may be turning and Europe will see a tripling in EVs by 2021. Carmakers will be able to reach the 2021 CO2 goal if they manage to fulfill plans to increase the production and sale of electric vehicles, whether they would be plug-in hybrid or zero-emission, fully electric models. 

The electric revolution is in full swing in Norway, with 10,316 electric vehicles sold in March 2019, which made up 58.4% of total vehicle sales. Half of all EVs purchased was a Tesla Model 3.

Europe expected to sell one million electric vehicles next year
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