EU revises proposed tariffs on Chinese EV imports

(Credit: BYD)

The European Union (EU) reportedly revised its proposed tariffs on Chinese EV imports. The revisions come after the EU gathered more information from the companies most affected by the tariffs.

The European Commission’s anti-subsidy investigation, which started in 2023, resulted in new provisional tariffs on BEV imports from China as high as 38%. The new tariffs will affect non-Chinese automakers producing in the country as well, like Tesla. The tariffs varied in range for certain Chinese automakers, but was placed on top of the 10% tariff already in place. For instance, BYD received a provisional rate of 20% while SAIC received a rate of 38.1% and Geely had a 20% rate.

The EU’s new provisional tariffs for BEV imports from China will be applicable on July 4, 2024. However, Bloomberg sources stated that the EU has slightly tweaked the provisional rates for SAIC and Geely by a small margin. SAIC Motor Corp.’s new provisional rate is 37.6% and Geely Automobile Holding’s new rate dropped to 19.9%. BYD’s rate remained the same. 

The revised tariffs will likely not appease China. China’s Ministry of Commerce has accused the EU of “creating and escalating trade tensions” with its new tariffs on Chinese EV imports. China has considered multiple ways of retaliating against the EU. For example it launched an anti-dumping probe on pork imports from the EU and an investigation on spirits from Europe. It is also considering a 25% tariff on foreign car imports with large engines. 

However, some Chinese automakers won’t be affected by the EU’s new tariffs. Rhodium Group concluded that BYD will still make premium profits from electric vehicles sold in Europe, even with the new tariffs in place.

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EU revises proposed tariffs on Chinese EV imports
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