Fisker scraps direct sales and turns to auto dealers for sales

(Credit: Fisker)

Fisker is scrapping plans for direct sales to customers. The startup is now turning to auto dealerships for sales and services. 

“I discovered that in this current situation, with high interest rates, [expensive] real estate, and getting people trained is much more difficult. I think we just went that route because everyone does when you are a startup.

“I went to my accounting department and asked what is the cost of selling a car? We decided we would rather give that money to a dealer so that we could expand faster,” said Henrik Fisker, the CEO, President, and Chairman of the EV startup.

In September 2023, Fisker shared that it ramped production of the all-electric Ocean crossover SUV to 300 units per day. The company also shared its intention to expand retail operations in North America and Europe. 

At its Q3 2023 earnings call, Fisker admitted having trouble following through with deliveries

“People have paid and are waiting for their cars, and some of them are getting annoyed,” said Henrik Fisker.

During CES 2024, Henrik Fisker told Automotive News that the electric vehicle (EV) manufacturer intends to sign with 50 car dealerships by the midyear. He plans to attend the National Automobile Dealers Association convention and make a pitch to the auto dealers. 

Fisker wants auto dealers to sell the company’s all-electric Ocean crossover. In the future, Fisker will also supply the company’s other products, including a small $30,000 electric vehicle called the Pear and an electric midsize pickup named Alaska. 

The Fisker CEO noted that the EV startup would require dealers to provide a separate area for the Ocean. Fisker would also require auto dealers to buy signage and tools and pay for technician training. 

“When the consumer comes in to see that car, we want that to be separate. But they could share service and back-office functions with other brands. We want it to be a low-cost entry for dealers,” the CEO said,

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Fisker scraps direct sales and turns to auto dealers for sales
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