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Futuristic Ford ‘F-E50’ concept proves the age of the Tesla Cybertruck is here

(Credit: Glen George)

The Tesla Cybertruck’s design may be controversial due to its unapologetically futuristic Cyberpunk elements, but even after its eventful unveiling, speculations were abounding among the EV community that the radical pickup truck may end up being the first of a new breed of vehicles. A recently shared futuristic take on Ford’s best-selling truck, the F-150, shows that this may soon be the case. Like it or not, it seems like the Age of the Cybertruck is coming, and there’s little that can be done to stop it. 

California-based vehicle designer Glen George recently shared his take on what an all-electric version of the F-150 could look like. Aptly dubbed as the “Ford F-E50,” the concept depicts a vehicle that carries a lot of the F-150’s trademark elements while showcasing the potential features inherent in an all-electric design. Up front lies a traditional F-150 Raptor grille, as well as the “Ford” badge in big, bold letters. Even the rear of the F-E50 concept carries the traditional tail lights of the F-150. 

(Credit: Glen George)

A sketch of the F-E50 concept’s features shows that the vehicle will have several functions that optimize the pickup’s all-electric nature. Among these is a spacious cabin thanks to the lack of an internal combustion engine as well as dedicated features for camping and transporting items like bikes. There’s even a fridge on the grille. Interestingly enough, the windshield of the F-E50 also slopes down smoothly into the hood, just like the Cybertruck.  

Overall, the Ford F-E50 concept shows elements that look similar to the Cybertruck’s XY design. This was despite the designer not listing the Cybertruck in the Ford F-E50 concept’s reference cars. Instead, cars cited for the design included the all-electric Lordstown Endurance, the Neuron T/ONE, and the electric/hydrogen Nikola Badger. Ford Authority, for its part, noted that despite the F-E150’s unique design, the concept remains more palatable than the Tesla Cybertruck. 

(Credit: Tesla Cybertruck/Instagram)

“Like it or not, this Ford EV truck looks much more palatable than the Tesla Cybertruck, that’s for sure. And it’s also designed to be quite useful, with features including a mini-fridge drawer that extends from the front end, a bed-mounted pop-up camper, and an integrated bike rack inside the bed,” the publication noted. 

Ford intends to release an all-electric version of the F-150 in the next few years, though the company has alluded to the vehicle utilizing the traditional pickup look. However, as the auto market transitions into a new age of car designs where efficiency and practicality are top priorities, radical vehicles like the Tesla Cybertruck may become the norm. When this happens, it would not be surprising if Ford ends up releasing its own XY-themed pickup as well. Perhaps even one that looks somewhat similar to George’s F-E50 concept.  

Check out Glen George’s concept images of his Ford F-E50 creation here

Futuristic Ford ‘F-E50’ concept proves the age of the Tesla Cybertruck is here
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