Ford’s Mustang Mach-E is being manufactured more than its gas-powered sibling

Credit: Ford

New production data from Ford reveals that the legacy automaker is manufacturing more units of the all-electric Mach E than the traditional, gas-powered Mustang.

In an attempt to enter the all-electric car market, Ford announced that it would electrify its legendary Mustang in November 2019. Less than two years later, Ford is building more units of the Mach-E than of its gas-powered sibling, the Mustang, in a stunning turn of events. For years, Ford has dragged its feet to transition to electrification. However, the introduction of Jim Farley as Ford’s CEO late last year definitely changed something in the air. Farley’s initiatives have brought Ford from unknown in EVs to one of the industry’s biggest manufacturers with plenty of plans to grow its electric lineup.

New data obtained by Bloomberg from Ford shows the Mach-E is becoming a priority of Ford’s, and production figures show that its manufacturing rate has eclipsed the traditional, gas-powered Mustang.

Ford has built 27,816 all-electric Mach-E vehicles at its Mexico plant, according to the data. This is compared to the 26,089 combustion engine Mustangs that Ford has built at its factory in Michigan, the report indicated.

This is an incredible feat for Ford and should be a nod of respect for the automaker, especially as it has primarily focused on introducing and expanding its fleet of all-electric models to offer customers in the future. However, Farley also filled in reporters on the demand for the Mach-E, which has evidently put many U.S. customers on a waitlist that extends months into the future.

“Mach-E has been much stronger than we expected, so we’ve totally run out of stock,” Farley said to reporters.

In the past few weeks, Ford has really stepped up to the EV game by increasing its planned investment in electric technologies. Farley expects 40% of its sales to be all-electric by 2030, and Ford increased its EV investment to $30 billion.

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Ford’s Mustang Mach-E is being manufactured more than its gas-powered sibling
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