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Gas station giants Chevron and Texaco become far more EV friendly

Gas Station EV charging, Credit: Freewire

Chevron and Texaco have partnered with Freewire to equip their gas station locations with EV charging solutions.

Gas stations have a distinct advantage over other EV charging companies; they are already located everywhere. There are nearly 7000 Chevron gas stations and 8000 Texaco locations in the US alone. And through a new partnership with Freewire, an EV charging infrastructure company, these countless gas stations can now serve as EV charging locations.

Freewire’s charging solution is unique. It uses standard wall plug power to charge large batteries within the charger. Then, when an EV hooks up to the charger, the battery charges the vehicle at DC fast charging rates (instead of the wall outlet rate). This saves the location from having to invest in expensive physical charging infrastructure on their site but still allows customers to access DC fast charging.

“Our charging stations are helping retail locations like Chevron’s branded stations to enhance their offering to consumers,” said Arcady Sosinov, FreeWire Founder and CEO. “Providing ultrafast, convenient charging at traditional fueling stations can help unlock new customer relationships with EV drivers.”

No specific number of chargers or locations were specified in the company press release. Nonetheless, the gas station brands were excited to announce the partnership and that they would be investing billions over the next ten years to electrify their nationwide fueling network.

Jesse Love, Chevron’s Retail Brand Experience manager, stated in the press release; “We are committed to investing billions in lower-carbon projects over the next ten years and are excited to join with companies like FreeWire that develop technologies that enhance our retail offerings and can grow our Chevron and Texaco brands.”

Gas station companies like Chevron and Texaco are far from the only companies working with Freewire. According to the Freewire website, they also work with brands including Rivian, Walmart, Uber, and other gas station companies like BP to build EV charging infrastructure.

Freewire shows that many brands, locations, and companies that have become integral parts of everyday life aren’t going away with the shift to electric vehicles. Gas station brands are now more aware than ever that change is necessary to survive in the future, but how quickly will they build to meet new demand?

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Gas station giants Chevron and Texaco become far more EV friendly
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