Tesla invites owners to take an electric road trip through a new series of worldwide events

A new series of events billed as “The Electric Road Trip” invites existing Tesla owners to embark on road trip adventures together originating from different locations across the world. According to the email sent to owners, the goal for the three-month tour is to allow owners to showcase the capabilities of the Model S and Model X and share their overall experiences with Tesla ownership with fellow owners and fans.

With over  2.5 billion “electric miles” driven by Tesla owners from across the world, we imagine the overarching mission of the summer series is to accelerate the company’s capabilities to collect more driver data as it aims to cross another billion miles driven by owners, while using it as a program to market the brand.

The Electric Road Trip tour will be hosted at one of Tesla’s 2,500+ Destination Charging partner locations (map) which Tesla CEO Elon Musk aims to quadruple in anticipation for the mass-market Model 3. The current program will be held across select destinations across North America, Europe, Asia, and Australia. Owners can RSVP directly from Tesla’s Electric Road Trip page.

Below is a copy of the email that Tesla sent to owners.



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