Kremlin joins Musk in denying political scientist’s Putin conversation claims

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It’s not just Elon Musk that is denying the claims made by political scientist and Eurasia Group founder Ian Bremmer. In recent statements, the Kremlin also clarified that Russian President Vladimir Putin has not spoken to Elon Musk as of late.

Bremmer, who is an ardent critic of Musk on Twitter, claimed that Musk and Putin had a conversation about two weeks ago. The political scientist claimed that Musk had received a message from Putin saying that Ukraine must agree to a number of conditions to end the war, such as recognizing neutrality and recognizing Crimea and the eastern Ukrainian areas of Donetsk and Luhansk as Russian territory.

While Bremmer’s allegations were already salacious enough, he also claimed that he was given the information by Musk himself. The political scientist noted that Musk reportedly also knew what the Kremlin’s red lines were as well. 

Musk had since denied Bremmer’s claims, stating that he only spoke to the Russian President about 18 months ago. And during their conversation, Musk noted that they talked about space. Seemingly corroborating Musk’s statements, Russian state-owned news agency RIA stated on Tuesday that a Kremlin spokesperson had also denied Bremmer’s allegations

“Peskov denied allegations that Musk had a conversation with Putin before the release of his settlement plan for Ukraine, confirmed that they had a telephone conversation about 1.5 years ago, did not specify the subject,” the RIA wrote in a Telegram post

Bremmer is a noted political commentator and analyst, though his claims about Musk have met some skepticism online. Bremmer’s dislike for Musk is evident on social media, after all, with the political analyst calling the CEO an “as*hat” (among others) and openly accusing Musk of being loyal to Beijing instead of the United States. It then seems a bit unlikely that Musk would confide such sensitive information to the political scientist. 

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Kremlin joins Musk in denying political scientist’s Putin conversation claims
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