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Tesla is installing new technology to prevent disabled vehicle accidents

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Tesla has signed a major deal with Emergency Safety Solutions, Inc., to implement the company’s Hazard Enhanced Location Protocol (H.E.L.P) technology. The H.E.L.P program revolutionizes vehicle hazard warning systems, helping to prevent crashes into disabled or vulnerable vehicles and their occupants. With the deal, Tesla is the first passenger vehicle company to implement the tech.

ESS developed H.E.L.P to prevent automotive accidents where vehicles crash into disabled cars. The H.E.L.P technology is compliant with regulatory standards, the company says and helps combine onboard intelligence to draft two types of near-fault-proof warnings to make a disabled vehicle more visible. The H.E.L.P system utilizes Lighting Alerts, as well as Digital Alerts to warn oncoming drivers.

The Lighting Alerts are “in the form of highly conspicuous emergency-based lighting output,” while the Digital notifications are sent to oncoming vehicles through GPS-based map applications.

“This is great news for significantly increasing roadside safety,” ESS CEO Tom Metzger said. “Tesla is a leader in bringing first-time innovation to passenger vehicles and is leading the way by implementing H.E.L.P. technology on potentially millions of Tesla vehicles worldwide. It’s a monumental step in the effort to overcome the troubling safety issue of crashes into disabled and vulnerable vehicles, which tragically injure or kill tens of thousands around the world each year.”

Tesla has a reputation for prioritizing safety with its vehicles through various standards. The company holds top marks in crash safety with the NHTSA with all four of its vehicles. Additionally, with the help of advanced driver assistance systems like Autopilot, Tesla’s vehicles are involved in an accident ten times less frequently than the national average, company data suggests.

Tesla will implement the H.E.L.P technology “to a range of vehicles” across its lineup, ESS said.

ESS states that 291,516 people have been affected by disable vehicle crashes since 2018, with 60,400 of those affected losing their lives. ESS data shows 200 people are involved every day.

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Tesla is installing new technology to prevent disabled vehicle accidents
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