Lithium Corp. shuts down rumors of a Tesla buyout following fake press release

(Credit: Tesla)

Lithium Corporation, a North American energy metals company, shut down rumors of a buyout by electric car company Tesla on Wednesday, contradicting early speculation that circulated through social media.

Early on Wednesday, reports of Tesla purchasing Lithium Corp. made their way through the morning news cycle, driving additional speculation that the automaker could be looking to purchase small companies that could help avert a shortage in electric vehicle battery materials.

Lithium Corp. released a statement via Accesswire on Wednesday, confirming it had not been bought by Tesla, nor was it ever contacted by the automaker regarding a potential purchase agreement:

“Lithium Corporation (OTCQB:LTUM) (“LTUM” or “the Company”), a North American company focused on energy metals for the growing energy storage sector and high-tech industries, wishes to inform shareholders that, contrary to a press release issued by unknown parties on the 12th of April and rumors circulating on social media, we have not received so much as an expression of interest from Tesla, Inc. and no employees have left Lithium Corporation to take up employment with Tesla. We would be happy to chat with Elon if he was inclined, but presently there is no relationship between the two companies.”

Bloomberg reported the deal was not legitimate this morning. Despite the legitimacy of the “deal,” Lithium Corp’s shares were up as much as 25 percent in midday trading.

Tesla has had a knack for purchasing small companies over the years to help develop the focuses of the automaker at that particular time. While working to develop a new battery cell in 2019 and 2020, Tesla acquired both Maxwell Technologies and Hibar Systems in its pursuit of long-lasting battery cells for electric vehicles.

Tesla completes Maxwell acquisition, ushers another era of battery breakthroughs

Over the past two years, Tesla has also made it evident that some battery materials would be in the scope of attack for its plans. CEO Elon Musk called for more nickel mining in 2020. Less than two years later, Tesla had signed several nickel mining deals, most recently one with Talon Metals, who announced expansions to its exploration plan at a Minnesota project mine this morning.

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Lithium Corp. shuts down rumors of a Tesla buyout following fake press release
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