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Lucid Air Sapphire is the ‘best sedan in the world’: MKBHD

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In a recent video, one notable tech and electric vehicle (EV) reviewer has called the pricey Lucid Air “the best sedan in the world” and “one of the best sedans ever made,” alongside several other major compliments.

Tech and EV reviewer Marques Brownlee, better known as MKBHD, shared a new video to his YouTube channel Auto Focus on Friday reviewing the luxury-level Lucid Air Sapphire. In the review, Brownlee notes that the EV is “incredible,” as he goes through various elements of the car’s exterior, interior, and performance.

“This is one of the best sedans ever made—I’m not saying electric—it’s one of the best sedans ever made,” Brownlee says in the video. “And honestly, yeah, it’s peak EV right now. This is as good as it gets.”

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He reiterates a point he has made in previous videos, saying that while the Tesla Model S Plaid is a solid daily driver, it’s just a better version of the Model S. This, he adds, is not the case when comparing the Sapphire to the regular Lucid Air line.

With a price tag of around $250,000, the Sapphire sells in the ultra-luxury segment, and Brownlee points to the EV’s range, storage, build quality, tech features, and general driving feel as the things that make it live up to that segment’s name.

Still, Brownlee doubles down on both his love for Tesla’s vehicles as his favorite daily drivers, noting that the Sapphire would be a close second to vehicles from the EV giant:

“Look, if you made me daily drive any EV in the world right now, and it couldn’t be a Tesla, it would be this,” Brownlee says. “It would be. I would have to matte black wrap it—I don’t know if I love the way it looks—but it would have to be this.

“It’s just way too good at driving to not pick it. The 400 miles is honest, like you can drive it like a grandma and get 400 miles, but just like the Plaid, with those big motors, you can really pull through battery quickly because it’s willing to deploy a ton of power.

“But I just don’t see any downsides with this car, simple as that. I think it’s the best sedan in the world, it’s crazy.”

Check out the full video from MKBHD’s Auto Focus below.

Brownlee also reviewed the Lucid Air Grand Touring trim in 2022, and he has reviewed several other EVs over the years. More recently, he called Tesla’s refreshed Model 3 a “mini Model S” in February, just weeks before going on to call the Fisker Ocean EV the “worst car he’s ever reviewed.”

Lucid’s first Air Sapphire rolled off the production line in Arizona last October, after initially unveiling the premium version of the vehicle in 2022. The EV maker is also preparing to launch its upcoming Gravity SUV later this year.

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Lucid Air Sapphire is the ‘best sedan in the world’: MKBHD
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