Tesla China starts formal sales of new Model 3 Performance — with an earlier delivery date

Credit: Tesla

Tesla China has started formal sales of the reengineered Model 3 Performance, and deliveries are expected to start within the next couple of weeks. The update was announced by the electric vehicle maker in a post on its official Weibo account. 

“Effective immediately, the Model 3 Performance will move from pre-sales to formal sales, with first deliveries expected to begin in mid-June,” Tesla China noted in its Weibo post. 

Credit: Tesla China/Weibo

The reengineered Tesla Model 3 Performance was initially listed in China in late April, though the vehicle was only on its pre-sale period then. At the time, the new top-tier Model 3 variant was listed with a price of RMB 335,900 ($46,382). As could be seen in the vehicle’s order page today, Tesla China has maintained the price of the reengineered Model 3 Performance. 

As noted in a CNEV Post report, the estimated delivery date of the updated Model 3 Performance in China was initially listed as sometime in Q3 2024. This suggested that the first deliveries of the vehicle would start sometime in July at the earliest. Based on Tesla China’s recent Weibo post, however, it would appear that deliveries would start earlier than expected. 

A look at Tesla China’s order page for the new Model 3 shows that the wait time for reengineered Model 3 Performance units is 3-6 weeks. This, together with the company’s post on Weibo, indicates that the first domestic deliveries of the newly-launched performance car would start in Q2 2024 instead. Granted, the adjustment in the new Model 3 Performance’s estimated deliveries is only a few weeks, but it is impressive nonetheless. 

The reengineered Tesla Model 3 Performance is shaping up to the most fun car in the electric vehicle maker’s lineup of vehicles. As per Tesla China’s official website, the new Model 3 Performance has a 0-100 km/h (0-62 mph) time of 3.1 seconds, a top speed of 261 km/h (162 mph), and a range of 623 km (387 miles) under China’s CLTC standard. 

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Tesla China starts formal sales of new Model 3 Performance — with an earlier delivery date
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